Meet Our CEO

Meet Our CEO

The #MysticMuse interview series focuses on the empowered, bold, and grounded women to share how they incorporate spirituality! Submit your own on Instagram— (tag us @goddess.ground!) and include the hashtag #MysticMuseGG for a chance to be featured on GG.

 “My name is Jacinda Smith (@jacindasmth), and I am the owner and creative  director of a Goddess Ground jewelry. We make handmade jewelry using high frequency crystals and good energy, that focus on making you feel beautiful and bringing your intentions forward. Creating a positive impact on the planet is important to me. The best thing about my job is that I get to be creative every day. I have a very visual mind so I typically get ideas through dreams or random thoughts, then I start by drawing it out on my iPad.

For a good start to the morning, I always require a coffee! Depending on the day I like cold or hot but most mornings I stick with my hot Double Espresso Scuro Nespresso coffee. I’m super grateful for all of the sunlight that rays into my apartment, so I begin my morning opening up the blinds and sometimes a window or two depending if weather allows. I make it a point to stay off my phone for the first hour I am awake for less distraction during my morning meditation.

I say a morning prayer while always lighting a white candle and tap into at least a 7 min meditation. I love incorporating my crystal cuff on my right hand to help bring in some grounded energy for me to get tasks completed for the day. 

I feel like people don't know I am in love with writing poetry. I’m definitely the type of person who always searches for the beauty in things! That's kind of how my "spiritual" journey started at a very young age collecting parts of the earth that some may not find beautiful. I believe being "spiritual" is thinking for yourself and being aware that it doesn't look the same on everyone. Spirituality is tied to your own awareness and is the process of self-discovery and learning not only who you are, but who you want to be. It's about embodying the best version of yourself in this moment and the next.


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