May 11th 2021 Taurus New Moon

May 11th 2021 Taurus New Moon

This new moon is on May 11th at 2:59pm EST

New moons are new beginnings they are the initial fertility period of an idea. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign and is said to be one of the most fertile new beginnings there can be. Fixed signs are stabilizing signs that are known for their grounding energy.

Because fixed signs have the discipline to fully realize their ideas into form. Once they find their inner confidence and get into a groove, it's impossible for them to change track. 

The fixed signs are known for seeing their plans though. That same commitment to seeing things through can also cause them to fixate and not know when to make adjustments.

For fixed Earth Taurus is about planting seeds to withstand the ups and downs that are likely when it comes to a new project, or direction.

Journal Prompt:

How am I feeling right now?

How does the world feel around me?

What is 1 thing I can do to move away from those feelings (If negative)

What is 1 thing I can do to bring more of this in? (If its feelings that make you happy)

What have you been internalizing that you feel is needed to get off your chest?

What boundaries do I need to set in order to feel more authentic to yourself?


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